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Computer Repair

Computer running slow? It may be that it has been infected by a virus. Or maybe an internal component is failing. Or it’s just getting old. But wait! Don’t throw it away just yet. We can upgrade those “old” internals to keep up with todays technology and you will have yourself a fast computer once again! Whatever the case may be, we have the knowledge and tech skills to fix anything related to computers.


Has a slow computer been fogging your productivity? It may be because of a virus. Viruses are malicious codes meant to disrupt your computers normal performance and in some cases, hijack your personal information. Some of these are known as malware, adware, and ransomware to name just a few. Let us help you stop them in their tracks!

Computer Broken Screen Repair

Broken Screen

Accidents happen. Defects too. Whether you broke your screen on accident or something inside failed due to overheating or simply manufacture defect, we can fix it!  

General Repairs & Computer Diagnostics

General Repairs

We can update your operating system (Mac or Windows) or update your hardware (ram, hard drive, ssd,cpu/ gpu) to make your system faster. We can also clean your computer to stop or prevent overheating before it’s too late!