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Cell Phone Repair

Phones have become a part of our lives like no other material thing in this world (well maybe cars too). They have evolved into these handheld supercomputers helping us in our daily lives from running businesses to staying connected with our friends and family. With costs reaching all the way to $2,000 for a new phone, it’s no wonder people prefer to get their phones fixed when they break.

Cracked Screen Repair

Cracked Screen

Whether the screen or the back glass of your phone is cracked, we’ve got you covered. Our parts are ALWAYS top quality therefore we offer a limited-LIFETIME warranty on all our repairs!

Phone Not Charging Repair

Not Charging

Batteries should last at least 2 years before needing replacing depending on how we use our phone, of course. Sometimes they get damaged due to heat or by using not so good quality chargers. If your device is not charging, let us diagnose it for you and get you powered up in no time.

Mobile Phone Small Parts Repair

Small Parts

From speaker cleaning and replacing, to vibrating motor and cameras, we fix it all! In this day in age, who can go on without a selfie camera!?