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Cell Phone Repair Starter Tool Kit – For Androids & iPhone

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This 17-piece Cell Phone Repair Starter Tool Kit includes Adrian’s EVERYDAY tools which have been particularly hand picked by him. Time and again, people buy tool kits that look very promising and have many many tools but still find themselves breaking stuff (due to lack of special tools) or needing certain tools or supplies. Not to mention trying to find each tool amongst all the 1,000 tools and bits other kits contain. Do yourself a favor! Get this Starter Tool Kit! It really is ALL you need to fix phones (minus the heat gun, you need a heat gun). We CANNOT stress this enough!!


(1) Pentalobe “Star” (*) Screw Driver (For Bottom Screws on iPhones)

(1) Philips/cross “+ (1.5)” Screw Driver (For all phones)

(1) “Y” or “Mercedes” tip Screw Driver (For iPhone 7 and up)

(1) Convex Cross Screw Driver (For Motherboard Screws on iPhones)

(1) Metal Pry Tool (To pry out batteries and other stuff)

(1) Rectangular Blade (For anything)

(1) Plastic Spudger Tool (For long, hard to reach areas)

(1) Tweezers (For anything)

(1) “Special Thin” Guitar Pick (For Samsung back glass removal and more)

(1) “Normal Thickness” Guitar Pick (For anything)

(1) ESD Safe Brush (To clean areas)

(1) SIM Card Ejector Tool (To eject sim trays)

(1) Heat Resistant Silicone Work/ Organizing Mat

(1) Magnetic Work Mat

(1) USB Ammeter (Detect/test charging voltage and amps from a device)

(1) 50ml B7000 Glue

(1) Compact Plastic Storage Box


* In rare occasions, some items may be slightly different looking than that of the photos BUT rest assured they will be of the same quality and for the same use purpose*

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