10AM - 6PM

Computer Repair Training – Video Session


In this training you will learn how to make money with computer repair FAST!
This is the 1-on-1 LIVE video session training so we will meet via Zoom video chat and teach you the fundamentals to make quick money. We will also touch on more extensive repairs and how to outsource them for profits.
– Windows & Mac Systems
– Desktop & Laptop
– Virus & Software
– Operating System Installations
– Hard Drive, Solid State Drive, Upgrades, RAM, CPU, GPU, Upgrades
– How to Make a Computer Faster
– Overheating
– Screen Replacement
– Marketing
– Certificate of Completion available
To start your training, buy this package for $499.99. We will contact you shortly after the purchase to get to know you and schedule a time that works best for us to meet.
*If you don’t feel comfortable or safe making the $499.99 payment, call us at (951)399-7911 and we can better explain the process.
Get EXCLUSIVE access to our worldwide Facebook “911 Gadgets Support Team” Group

Here we will all learn from and be there for each other whenever we find ourselves stuck with a repair, customer, question, or any situation.
Let’s grow together!​
*Access granted with any of the Trainings*