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Tablet Repair

Tablets come in all brands and sizes. Many people get mixed up and think iPads are just iPads but they are actually part of the tablets family. Although the most common type of tablets we see are the Apple iPads (iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad 2nd through 8th gen, etc), we also work on Samsung Tabs, Microsoft Surface, Amazon Kindle Fire, and more! 

Tablet Screen Repair

Screen Repair

Like cell phones, tablet screens also suffer screen cracks from drops. No matter how big or how small the screen, we can fix it!

Tablet Not Charging Repair

Not Charging

A common repair we get for tablets is when the tablet no longer charges or turns on. This can be caused by a bad battery, charging port, or simply has gunk in the charging port obstructing the charger cable from providing charge to the device. Whatever the case may be, bring it in and we will diagnose it in a flash!